Get in the loop with one of Boston's finest technical recruiters. Loopy boasts a vast network of talented professionals and promising businesses. We link our satisfied clients up with the fastest rising stars of the local tech industry. Whether you hope to reach industry diversity goals or to build a more passionate workforce, your company can achieve its most ambitious goals with Loopy's help.
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Looping the Ideal Candidate

In today's rapidly changing market, continuous transformation is essential. The best candidates know how to evolve and keep up to date with new trends, but they also hold firm to their convictions. At Loopy, the focus is on pinpointing tech and senior management candidates equipped with the knowledge and work ethic necessary for immediate success -- and the adaptability needed for their continued success. Thus, while recruiting candidates, we look for talented individuals who boast both a well- rounded understanding of coding and the drive to continue to learn more. We don't want candidates who are willing to settle; we demand greatness!

Once we've captured the market's best professionals, we match them with opportunities that fit their unique talents and experience. We can easily identify when a particular candidate is a good match for a given client. Typically, the best matches involve clients and candidates who share a similar vision. Equipped with the necessary credentials and a clear sense of passion, our candidates truly thrive when placed in the right work settings. We take great pride in our ability to make amazing matches for like-minded candidates and clients.

Loopy For Boston

At Loopy, we are proud to call the lovely city of Boston home. Boston has long been an amazing place to live and work, but we believe it is an even better place to find candidates. Although many of our prized recruits are Boston natives, many are also transplants from other cities. New and old residents alike are passionate about this exciting city, which has an energy that cannot be matched.

Boston's Tech Atmosphere

Boston is unique in that it combines a long and intriguing history with constant technological innovation. A recent NerdWallet study highlighted Boston as one of the top cities for tech jobs, with an astounding 57 of every 1,000 positions firmly entrenched in the tech industry. Some of this technical prowess has emerged due to the prevalence of tech-focused educational institutions, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Wentworth Institute of Technology. These and other colleges offer some of the nation's finest engineering, technology, and management programs. However, while many students remain in Boston after graduating, the workforce also attracts qualified graduates from all over the world. These hopefuls view Boston as the Silicon Valley of the East Coast -- a place of opportunity that mixes constant change with an appealing sense of stability.

Diversity in Boston

Boston's increasingly diverse population reflects the environment our clients hope to establish in the workplace. The unique mix of ideas and backgrounds in Boston makes the city an exciting place to live -- and the increasing versatility of ideas offered by our candidates make them perfect matches for our clients. As a minority-owned company, we believe that it is important for every business to feature a mix of personality styles and backgrounds, as this promotes a wide array of valuable perspectives. As the Boston population continues to feature a broader mix of individuals, we are better able to find the most talented and the most eager to make a difference. We select the cream of the crop, and while these candidates may not look exactly the same on paper, they share the same drive and the same commitment to their professional goals.

Keeping Brands in the Loop

The team at Loopy has worked with hundreds of clients -- and now, we are ready to further expand our reach. Current clients commend us for our focus on innovation and diversity, as well as our ability to find Boston's best and brightest. Over the years, we've established an impressive cadre of clients. Among our 200 clients are several recognizable brands. From large technical enterprises to smaller outfits, we are passionate about helping a wide array of businesses meet their ambitious goals. Our clients are every bit as diverse as our candidates, for, while we largely work in the tech sector, we've also assisted well-known retailers in their search for qualified professionals.

Our Values

Work Ethic

Our recruits and clients are both committed to making the world a better place -- and they work hard to achieve their goals. We also work hard to ensure that the best candidates are matched with the best clients.


An increasingly important element of success in the expanding tech industry, diversity is a core value at Loopy. We have cultivated a diverse selection of clients and candidates. Our range of talent allows us to make the best matches possible between recruits and clients. Diversity involves not only the race, gender, sexual orientation, and age of the candidates we select, but also their professional and educational backgrounds, their personality traits, and their management styles. Instead of pigeonholing our candidates, we encourage them to show the world what makes them different -- and to let their unique talents shine.


Open and honest communication is essential in the field of technical recruiting. At Loopy, we keep everyone in the loop by maintaining open lines of communication on both ends of the client-candidate spectrum. We provide regular feedback for both our candidates and clients, and in return, we take their feedback into account while making important decisions.

Honesty and Integrity

At Loopy, we hold our candidates and our clients to the highest ethical standards. These individuals and businesses also expect the utmost in integrity from the Loopy team. We always deliver on our promises and we always respond to client queries in an honest manner.